The construction company ERGON7 has been established in the construction space since 1990. With experience in construction we materialize an absolutely qualitive, construction project with respect to the customer, consistency and honesty. Our projects -small and big- and being pointed out for their perfect design, high quality or resources and a-lot-of-year experience.


We undertake the design, study, construction, refurbishment and repair of indoor and outdoor spaces:

  • Stores
  • Offices
  • Professional Spaces
  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • Houses- Vacation Houses
  • Cinemas
  • Metallic Buildings-Constructions


We've designed and built some of the biggest architectural wonders like shopping centers, cinemas, hotels, residence complexes, schools ect. In total we have to show more than:

  • 15 crew teams, all differently specialized
  • 70-member staff team
  • 180+ satisfied customers
  • 250+ completed -small and big- projects


The construction company ERGON7 with its specialized staff members has completed small and big projects all around Greece.

The aesthetic and quality of its projects, construction supplies makes it recognizable and established in the market and against its customers.

Paying lots of attention to its security and quality of the resources used. That's how we end up having a perfect and par result.

In ERGON7 a lot of attention is paid to the timing but also the project's delivery.  We stay consistent in the timetable and deliver the project in time, or even earlier than expected!

The company has been improving and evolving since its establishment thanks to its excellent manufacturing dynamics and various know-how.

Its target is developing more in domestic construction-market but also expanding its activities to new markets abroad.


Our company has a dynamic profile in the construction place since the early 90's.

A presence in the construction place has let the company gain a lot of experience and a big rate of customers in the construction market. Its consistency  and specialization makes it capable of running and completing their projects.

With the same consistency and with the continuously-evolving specialization and technique it keeps its doing process on the construction sector until today.

COME WITH US and let's CREATE your own SPACE!

ERGON7 examines every customer's and project's needs, it examines every constructions needs and materializes every customer's vision.

Every space is being ''treated'' differently by our specialized staff members so that we can have the best result possible.

Together we will create your space.