Welcome to ERGON7 The construction company ERGON7 has been established in constructions since 1990 and has building construction and renovation and trade as an objective. Check out the company, its services and our projects.


We undertake the design, study, construction, refurbishment and repair of indoor and outdoor spaces with absolute consistency, passion and attention to details.


Shopping Centers, schools, hotels, residential complexes but also small and big shops, houses and complete renovations of popular-branded stores and non-professional spaces.


Acknowledged engineers and architects who find and suggests solutions for every project. Specialized staff members of all specialties who undertake the termination of the projects.


ERGON7 has been established in construction since 1990.

ERGON7 materializes -with experience in construction- an absolutely qualitive, construction project with respect to the customer, consistency and honesty.

Our projects -small and big-  and being pointed out  for their perfect design, high quality or resources and a-lot-of-year experience.


From the first design until the finishing of the project. Our specialized crew undertakes the completion of the projects with consistency, attention to detail and always in time.

Our scientific crew combines advanced technology and innovating thinking to bring customers' ideas to life. After consultations, our experts will show you the designs and will suggest new effective ways to renew your space.

We use the recourses you order us to or we suggest some from a huge variety of designs and supplies. Always the highest quality with the best prices!


Road Construction

From repairing damages of the road surface to redesigning, engraving and finishing the road construction project.

Metallic Constructions

From arched constructions, roofs or sheds to metallic frames, doors or staircases. Designs and ideas that will transform your space.


Terrace insulations, outdoor thermal insulations, residence energy-upgrading. From preparing a grant dossier to studying and completing the projects.

Hydraulic Installations

For renovations, professional-space creations or residence construction. For heating or air conditioning systems, natural gas, plumbing or drainage.

Construction - Plastering

Large specialized crews with contemporary equipment finish the project without nuisance of the environment, damages or imperfections. And always on time!

Kitchen Furniture-Doors-Cupboards

Transform your space with our best designs and the best recourses. Ask us and look through some demos!


We've been building the future since 1991


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