Take a look at some of our projects

Here's a small, indicatory gallery which is part of our huge list of projects we have manages to carry through the last few years.

Every once in a while we refresh our list by adding new projects.

Project: Olympia Mall construction. Space configuration and store construction.

Location: Agnadero, Karditsa

Project: Village Center Cinema construction. Screening hall and entertainment room construction. Mechanical installations

Location: Olympia Mall, Karditsa

Project: Electro World constuction. Cover construction, outdoor space configuration.

Location: Olympia Mall, Karditsa

Project: Intersport store construction.

Location: Olympia Mall, Karditsa

Project: Supermarket Carrefour construction

Location: Olympia Mall, Karditsa

Project: Road construction at Larissa IKEA

Location: Larissa

Project: Pantheon Plaza Shopping Center construction. Indoor spaces, stores, surrounding spaces.

Location: Larissa

Project: Black Red White stores construction.

Location: Athens n' Thessaloniki

Project: House, apartment and vacation house construction.

Location: Athens, Andros, Trikala

Project: Hotel construction in Xalkida

Location: Xalkida

Project: Road constructions. Node construction in Larissa and IKEA outdoor space configuration.

Location: Larissa

Project: Telemaketing Stores construction.

Location: Athens, Thessaloniki, Larissa, Kabala, Crete

Project: Astor Cinemas construction. Screening Hall and Entertainment rooms.

Location: Athens, Korai Square

Project: Arche Stores construction

Location: Kolonaki, Glyfada, Thessaloniki

Project: Acto Designe stores construction

Location: Athens